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    Halle Berry wrestles in the sea with female friend

    She may have turned 45 years old today. But it would appear that Halle Berry is still a child at heart. The actress is seen here getting taken down by one of her female friends as they lapped up the gorgeous California sunshine on a beach...

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-08-15
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    Magnificently Sand Sculptures

    Like surgeons of the sand, artists gather from all over the world to compete in the annual World Championship of Sand Sculpting contest.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-08-30
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    Lethal Weapon, pardon, plants

    Artistic view of the deadly plants from everyday life.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2009-11-09
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    Dream house in Australia

    A luxury accommodation located on the Bouddi Peninsula. Its stunning pool and deck, accented by a natural tree practically growing out through the middle, is gorgeous.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-09-05
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    Forest office!

    An Office in the woods? Just love it! Spanish Architect firm Selgas Cano thrills us with their spectacularly vibrant yet low-impact office that just merges into the landscape. Minimalistic furniture, but quite a visual impact with it colors.

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