• check out shots Architecture

    Sea hotel

    Another fantastic building in Dubai.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2009-08-30
  • check out shots People

    Accident on skiing

    Some would say "shame", but when you consider it better, he probably thinks: "I was so lucky..."

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    • CoolShots Released: 2010-08-09
  • check out shots Nature

    Oasis in the midle of the desert

    Have you ever had an opportunity to see the oasis in the desert? Probably not, but it is not the reason not to enjoy these pictures.

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  • check out shots People

    Young Angelina Jolie

    Yes, she has been beautiful and attractive always. Some people have been lucky, and could see her whenever they feel like.

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  • check out shots Animals

    Bull, sexual maniac

    Animals sometime get crazy. But it is not good when they think that people are animals. Fortunately, the old lady got out without problems.

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