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    Russian Dr. Haus

    As is well known movies are the art of deception, illusion. Changing the camera angle shooting, or lighting can change a person. On these photographs is not Hugh Laurie, this is Alex, a native Muscovite working in the hospital for emergency driver.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-10-01
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    Worst parents ever

    Can you imagine the worst parents? Imagine this!

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-09-08
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    Watch out neighbors!

    Neighbourhood work. Leave the car overnight, and in the morning wait for a surprise.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-08-15
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    Halle Berry wrestles in the sea with female friend

    She may have turned 45 years old today. But it would appear that Halle Berry is still a child at heart. The actress is seen here getting taken down by one of her female friends as they lapped up the gorgeous California sunshine on a beach...

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    • CoolShots Released: 2011-08-15
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    Funny side of life

    Ha, ha, funny side of life again.

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    • CoolShots Released: 2010-12-09